10 months ago

Ultimate Jet #73 - Phenom 300E Flight Test

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After more than 14 years, Ultimate Jet is the leading magazine dedicated to Business Aviation. In this latest issue, an analysis of how business aviation manufacturers faced Covid-19; an interview of Jahid Fazal-Karim CEO of JetCraft; a cabin design review by M&R Design Concepts; and discover the long awaited exclusive Embraer Phenom 300E Flight Test.


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Business aviation has always been able to cope with the various crisis that have crossed its young history. Even at the lowest point in business aviation, we have always seen signs of a medium-term post-crisis recovery. The unprecedented nature of this specific recovery, which was health-related even before it was economic, is more pernicious. Indeed, it is difficult to assess what the medium and long-term consequences will be on the world economy and on the aeronautic sector in particular. Based on the various travel restrictions, the industry has now encountered some new competition: videoconferencing. On one hand, it has allowed the world to continue to maintain a semblance of economy and connection between people; the emancipation of this industry has also made a large number of companies reflect on their working methodologies. Less travel, lower costs, and a better carbon footprint for the planet, an almost perfect recipe, where all the ingredients seem to be working to minimize the use of transport, and in particular air travel. This would work, however, our DNA and need for physical encounters limit this possibility. After Covid The post-Covid world may be different for everyone in the business community. Nevertheless, faced with the rise in the power and use of video conferencing technology, in addition to the bewildered commercial aviation sector that continues to struggle to catch its breath, we believe that business aviation could find a second wind, with a new appeal to a clientele that had set aside the use of private jets. Finally putting to rest its’ negative image, as a luxury means of travel, as opposed to a true working tool. As Xavier Joussaume, CEO of FlyOps, points out in his article published in this issue, «Business Aviation has the essential assets to survive, adapt, and no doubt reinvent travel». With this optimism and after several months of confinement, Ultimate Jet has now embarked on its own evolution by developing a new all-digital magazine. A need to reinvent itself, which allows us to bring you a new media, richer in content and more interactive, in order to discover business aviation from a new angle. Happy reading to all of you, take care of yourself. Ultimate Jet I 1