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Ultimate Jet #73 - Phenom 300E Flight Test

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After more than 14 years, Ultimate Jet is the leading magazine dedicated to Business Aviation. In this latest issue, an analysis of how business aviation manufacturers faced Covid-19; an interview of Jahid Fazal-Karim CEO of JetCraft; a cabin design review by M&R Design Concepts; and discover the long awaited exclusive Embraer Phenom 300E Flight Test.


NEWS I OPERATOR I 12 Leaving nothing to chance Since its creation in 2000, safety has been paramount to Global Jet’s values, and its number one priority. In view of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the business aviation company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, has been taking strict precautions to protect their passengers, crew and employees. Thus, they have been enforcing additional measures to those published by the WHO in order to safeguard the safety of all passengers and crew on board of their aircraft. Global Jet’s crew have been trained to apply, before and after each flight, sanitation and disinfection sprays as per very strict procedures established with Medaire physicians and in accordance with the EASA regulations. Medaire kits (UPK –Universal Precaution Kit) are available on each aircraft. All crew members are well traced and checked for signs on a regular basis. Additionally, and on request by customers, a deeper disinfection of the cabin could be performed by professional partners in some major hubs. Alaska’s North Slope Borough now flies a PC-24 air ambulance Operated by the North Slope Borough Search and Rescue Department (SAR) in the northernmost region of the United States, the PC-24 provides basic medical care for 9,800 residents across a territory of 95,000 square miles (246,000 square kilometres). Outfitted with tandem LifePort AeroSled stretchers and five passenger seats, it is the fourth PC-24 to be delivered in a medevac configuration. The town of Barrow, Alaska, also known as Utqiagvik, is located at 71 degrees north latitude. The average temperature in mid-January is –14 degrees Fahrenheit (–26 degrees Celsius) and the sun does not rise completely above the horizon until early February. This region, with its exceptionally harsh conditions, will be the new home for the Super Versatile Jet. The SAR Department is responsible for delivering basic medical care to all North Slope Borough residents. The team performs medevac operations, search and rescue and other emergency missions.In addition to the PC-24, which replaces an older light jet, SAR currently operates two helicopters and a fixed wing turboprop aircraft. All are capable of day, night, visual or instrument meteorological flight conditions in a medevac context. Many flights are operated from snow and ice packed runways with paved, dirt, and gravel surfaces – conditions for which the PC-24 was specifically designed. pril Brooks, Director of North Slope Borough Search and Rescue, explained the reasons which motivated the choice of the PC-24: «The PC-24 is a gamechanger when it comes to fast, efficient transport of critical patients across vast distances in our extremely harsh environment. Its unique cargo door, large cabin and ability to safely operate from short, unpaved runways make it ideally suited to our needs.» At the handover ceremony held at Pilatu’ US subsidiary, Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd in Broomfield, Colorado, North Slope Borough Mayor Harry K. Brower Jr. said: «We are delighted we can now offer residents a new level of capability to enhance their safety and well-being. In this region, fast, efficient, high quality medical care is absolutely essential, and the PC-24 will enable us to fulfil every aspect of that commitment.» Thomas Bosshard, CEO of the Pilatus subsidiary, presented the keys to Mayor Brower and commented: «We are proud of the role our PC-24 will play in supporting the residents of North Slope Borough and the SAR team in the execution of their missions. We are very pleased to see such high demand for the PC-24 as a medevac platform, in addition to its popularity as a business jet. This is exactly the type of versatility we envisioned when we began designing the PC-24 – and now it is a reality.» Aircraft acquisitions & sales THE COMPANY WHO ARE WE AIRCRAFT SELECTION STRONG FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE 30 YEARS IN CORPORATE JET BUSINESS BASED IN GENEVA, SWITZERLAND Based in center of Geneva, Switzerland, Jet Executive Trading team has been assisting the business jet community for more than 30 years. We have built our relationships on trust, integrity, and value. Jet Executive Trading also has a permanent presence in USA, with Jet Executive Trading USA. Our market knowledge and expertise help you to find the perfect aircraft fitting your needs Off Market 2001 BBJ Off Market 2000 BBJ Off Market 1999 BBJ Off Market 2005 Falcon 900DX For more information : JET EXECUTIVE TRADING SA 14 Rue du Rhône - CH-1204 GENEVA SWITZERLAND. Tél. : + 41 22 819 18 11 JET EXECUTIVE TRADING, INC 150 E - Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 800 Boca Raton FL33432 - USA. Tél. : + 1 561 809 8813 Copyright © Jet Executive Trading, 2017-2018. All rights reserved