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Magazine Ultimate Jet #74

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DESIGN I 36 Technological nobility If man has been able to remain pragmatic in the design of curves for interiors, then the use of noble fabrics and materials are fully inline with this real search for a trend, where at first sight anyone can appropriate the design to that of being at home. This is notably the case of the armchairs entirely redesigned for the occasion and the meridian, which will be dressed in a fabric that mixes wool and silk in order to optimize comfort. « Designing a seat is always a delicate and long process. For this new model, specially created for this interior, we wanted a design that would allow this chair to withstand fashion evolutions for years to come » explains the designer. On the furniture side, the designer opted for a steam-smoked oak veneer with a satin finish. Some of the upper parts of the furniture received a lacquered paint to «have a beautiful aesthetic balance,» says S. Mariat. The whole ensemble is enhanced not only by small touches of metal as needed, but also by the use of suede along the walls and ceiling. Sober yet efficient, the cabin presented by Airbus required hundreds of hours of work involving the ACJ studio teams for the design and ergonomics, as well as Airbus and Comlux engineers for the technical aspects. The timeless design of this cabin, which looks very «seventies» in appearance, conceals cutting-edge technology driven by the simple activation of an application. The «high-tech» spirit abounds throughout the cabin thanks to the control of various vital elements such as sound, light, temperature, electro chromatic curtains, and other videos via an application installed on the smartphone. For the sake of longevity, Airbus and Comlux have also pushed the detail by integrating an electric door opening system between the different spaces. Intuitive and non-touch, this system brings an additional technological touch to the ACJ TwoTwenty’s cabin while preserving its design in the age of the time. In the same vein, the designer points out that «we worked on the shower’s ergonomics to make it easier to use. »

Industrial concept Beyond the design, the real challenge for Sylvain Mariat was above all to play with the industrial constraints issued by the manufacturer, but also those inherent to the harmonization of the modules commissioned by Comlux. For the designer based in Toulouse, « the objective was to have three modular spaces with the possibility of interchanging the furniture between them. While keeping in mind that this must be totally transparent when choosing the client. Less than a constraint as one could imagine, the design research on these modules was a real challenge and a game for a designer because it forces him to go beyond his own thoughts and achievements » comments S. Mariat. To develop this project, the author of the booth emphasizes that he was « interested in Comlux’s industrial tool to be able to develop my design as much as possible with a concern for quality while taking their imperatives into account. And it must be acknowledged that Comlux has opened up a very important field by the use of a wide range of noble materials. » The company, which will produce the first fifteen ACJ TwoTwenty cabins at its Indianapolis site, has also anticipated certain requests such as the integration of master panels by making important calculations on the capacity of the partitions to accommodate this type of work. In any case, the Avant-Garde designer must come up with the idea that the owner or users of the aircraft will be able to appropriate this living space in the sky much more quickly. « This interior is a small revolution because it can be easily associated with a person, and the fact that you can hang pictures on the walls will make it possible to personalize the aircraft a little more. » The Avant Garde concept was the only project unveiled by Airbus Corporate Jet, despite the announcement of the Quintessence and Timeless styles. A «carefully considered» decision, according to Sylvain Mariat, who sees the presentation of the different cabins as «stages of the time required to serenely appropriate these new interiors. » There is no doubt that the designer and his team have already stopped time, and revolutionized the interiors of tomorrow with the DNA of yesterday. n More about Sylvain Mariat Ultimate Jet I 37