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Magazine Ultimate Jet #74

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DESIGN I 34 T he rise of

DESIGN I 34 T he rise of the ACJ TwoTwenty, is first and foremost, the success of a concept combining performance and design. However, the success of the future aircraft in the Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) range should be built above all on the cabin work of the designer, Sylvain Mariat, who has subtly intertwined contemporary design with the timeless. The cabin presentation on this new model proved to be more surprising than it seems. On closer inspection, the Avant- Garde design by Sylvain Mariat, ACJ’s Director of Interior Design, is at odds with his colleagues. Indeed, we are quite far from certain ostentatious (too?) projects that rarely get beyond the drawing board and graphic tablet stage. Thus, the complexity of the forms and the irrationality of certain elements are gone. The living environment sketched here by Sylvain Mariat, allows us to get closer to the essential, the interior comfort. The extension of one’s own home on the FL410 level, less neighbors, more space and time.

Seventies The cabin design presented on the new ACJ TwoTwenty is reminiscent of the interiors of beautiful homes, blending traditionalism with a hint of modernity. The marriage of the two is in fact not a novelty but a sure value for those who value the simplicity of a place. « To be able to contemplate a cabin a few years later, and notice that it is still in the spirit of the times, is a guarantee of success for a designer » underlines Sylvain Mariat. For this timelessness, the head of the ACJ design studio went back to the mid-sixties and late seventies with his team. Where everything was still possible. And, where design had frozen the most beautiful achievements of its contemporary history, like the creations of Claude and François Lalanne, Claude Berthier or Joe Colombo, among others. A time going back to the invention of the term «interior architect». It is this notion that takes on its full meaning here, as Sylvain Mariat could have named the design of his interior «Home Sweet Home». « Our clients live in beautiful homes and hotels. Our customers live in beautiful homes and hotels. We had to respond to these trends, which go beyond aesthetics and fashion, and are also a soothing response to the anguish of some travellers when they take the plane. » The ACJ design director rightly points out. Ultimate Jet I 35