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Magazine Ultimate Jet #74

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BRIEFING I FBO, MRO AND COMPLETION CENTER I 20 Dassault signs up 500th FalconCare Dassault Aviation recently signed its 500th contract for its FalconCare guaranteed maintenance program and further expanded the program— already the most comprehensive in the industry—to meet a broader range of customer needs and budgets. Introduced in 2005, FalconCare offers a full range of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services through C-Check, including airframe, avionics and landing gear parts, labor, consumables, service bulletins and maintenance tracking. This comprehensive coverage ensures predictable and stable annual maintenance costs for operators of Falcon aircraft. It provides maintenance coverage everywhere on the planet through more than 60 Dassault Owned and Authorized Service Centers and 16 Falcon Spares distribution centers. «FalconCare provides three benefits,» says Jean Kayanakis, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Falcon Customer Service & Service Center Network. «It guarantees a predictable budget, it offers peace of mind by eliminating unexpected maintenance costs, and it helps enhance aircraft value, as demonstrated by valuations in the aircraft Bluebook price guide.» The new program expansion, based on feedback from flight departments and the Falcon Operator Advisory Board, enhances the flexibility of the pay-as-you-go Falcon Care service by offering operators two different levels of coverage, in accordance with their actual maintenance requirements: – FalconCare Essential, the basic offering, covering the full cost of genuine Dassault spare parts, with additional services available as options.- FalconCare Elite, an all-inclusive offering covering parts, labor, and consumables along with AOG GoTeam service, documentation, exchange items like batteries and wheels and other maintenance services. Each plan includes a FalconCare Efficiency Bonus, which financially rewards operators engaging in the most cost-effective maintenance practices. And both allow operators to establish a Flex Spending Account for miscellaneous costs outside FalconCare coverage. «The FalconCare program is customer driven,» said Kayanakis. «Thanks to operator input, we’re now able to offer different plans and options that meet the diverse needs of our growing customer base. We are always tapping the knowledge of our operators on how to expand and improve our service plans, and expect that FalconCare offerings will continue to evolve in the future in line with changing customer needs.»

Comlux skylady redefines wide-body long-range VIP travel Comlux announced that the flagship of its VIP fleet, the 767BBJ now renamed SkyLady is back to service after a 4-month maintenance and upgrade program. Designed for experienced VIP travellers for both business and leisure travel, SkyLady delivers top-end comfort and luxury, the latest in-flight connectivity, a new air purifying system via ionisation, all combined with ultra long-range capability up to 15 hours of flight. With 177 m 2 / 1900 ft 2 of cabin floor area and an outstanding cargo space up to 300 bags, the newly refurbished VIP cabin combines the benefits of the widebody aircraft – such as comfort, space, and privacy – with the highest levels of interior design, to produce a consistently harmonious passenger experience. The super-silent multiroom cabin is divided in 6 independent areas and is suitable for up to 51 passengers. At the front, the master suite features an ultra-king-size bed with en suite bathroom equipped with a full height shower. Two more rooms complete the private quarters: a spacious lounge with an L-shape sofa, convertible into a second bedroom with a double bed, and a club room suitable for private dinners and business meetings. The executive area features fifteen 80’’ pitch first-class seats convertible in full-flat single beds and is followed by a separated section with 29 seats for entourage. SkyLady is equipped with the latest and fastest in-flight 2KU band Wi-Fi connectivity to provide the most reliable high-speed internet coverage available in flight (up to 50 Mbps). The new cabin management system allows full access to various media and non-stop streaming online for business and entertainment needs of all passengers. Besides its comfort and connectivity enhancements, SkyLady is now equipped with an all-new ionisation system which improves air quality in the cabin by removing viruses, bacteria and spores in the air and on surfaces, and by eliminating annoying and noxious odours. This feature combined with the existing and efficient HEPA filtering system provides Comlux VIP charter passengers with a cleaner and safer cabin atmosphere during the flight. Andrea Zanetto, CEO Comlux Aviation says «The best is getting better! During the last couple of years, we have carefully listened to our charter customers and we have upgraded SkyLady to comply with their VIP travel needs in terms of comfort, connectivity and well-being on board» He added «SkyLady is capable to connect the most important cities of the globe, with non-stop flight capability of 15 hours. During those long-haul flights, our passengers can enjoy the new features of SkyLady and the exceptional World-class Swiss-Made level of service provided by our cabin attendants. Their savoir-faire, discretion, and attention to detail contribute to creating the most bespoke, comfortable and luxurious atmosphere during each flight onboard our VIP fleet». Ultimate Jet I 21